Sport media

From communication strategy to execution: FleetSport fully spotlights sports events.

FleetSport establishes this by taking care of the full pr and/or cross medial production of events. Or parts of it. In commission FleetSport develops and realises television programs (broad and narrow cast), magazines, dvd's and digital media that seamlessly connect with the project and target audience. Because of an extensive network of specialists in every (sub) area FleetSport is able to quickly and efficiently execute all ideas.

As such FleetSport does and has done the following:
• National TV and internet production of the Dutch Waterpolo Trophy.
• Development and execution of the Video on Demand (VoD) platforms for several sporting bodies.
• Realisation of a weekly television program SBS IJshockey
(ice hockey). Furthermore, FleetSport and partners are initiating and developing a digital platform for the ice hockey premier league, with among other things live streaming, match summaries and news items.
• Negotiations with the Serbian host broadcaster RTS about
registration and other interpretation of the Serbia Open. Furthermore, FleetSport is accompanying the international sale of the television rights.
• Cross medial approach Dutch Open. Because of own television
registration the images of the tournament were not only nationally and internationally aired, but the Dutch Open also had its very own program on RTV Utrecht (the local television channel). The tournament's own camera crew also made event related items for television, internet as well as DVD. During the event a daily newspaper was published in co-operation with AD Sportwereld.
• Sports rights, sports programming and chief editors of the
sports pages in the FilmNet/SuperSport magazine.
• Advising the narrow casting company Media Landscape about the
interpretation of the narrow casting and sponsor rights of the Euro Hockey League.

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